OUR Services

Prototype Construction

At SITI Construction, we are proven experts at prototype construction – as evidenced by numerous projects we have completed for various national clients. Utilizing your prototype plans as a template, our personnel, we efficiently and effectively resolve issues such as permitting and dealing with highway departments, local planning departments and all such agencies on the city, parish, county and state levels. In essence, we do all the planning and legwork required to ensure that your company’s construction project flows smoothly and is completed on schedule.

Commercial Construction

Commercial construction is the forte of SITI Construction. Simply put, we have built a sterling reputation and created a thriving business on the strength of our commercial construction capabilities. From the bidding process through planning, scheduling, sub-contractor management, project management and beyond, name any aspect of commercial real estate construction and we’ve got it covered. SITI Construction has all the resources and experience needed to make any commercial construction project a resounding success.

Tenant Improvement

If you have tenant properties that are not living up to their potential, SITI Construction can help turn your property into much more attractive and valuable space. We can take existing properties such as strip malls, apartment complexes, restaurants or virtually any type of structure and renovate it to attract new tenants of any type. From designing the space to building out the structure, we offer you a full range of services to improve the value and earning potential of your property.

Build to Suit

Regardless of what you have in mind for your property – whether it’s an office complex, a residential development or virtually any type of business – we can build to suit your needs. We have the expertise, experience and resources to help you formulate ideas and carry out every phase of your real estate development project from beginning to end.